TO ALL: It has been wonderful helping so many companies with their success. American Copak has been in business for over 35 years and has pioneered numerous product types over the years. Unfortunately due to unfortunate circumstances American Copak has closed it doors and ceased all operations. For all future packaging needs, please refer to PouchTec  Industries

One of our high speed rotary bottle fillers

American Copak Corporation is a finely tuned group of highly qualified professionals, extraordinary facilities and millions of dollars of the most modern machines. For over 30 years, we are known to provide practical, innovative expertise and packaging solutions. Whether you need one of our entire manufacturing facilities, intermittent production, short runs or a single line, we are eager to meet your processing, blending and packaging demands. Specializing in controlling your production “explosions,” we listen, advise and produce huge quantities to meet your most exacting specifications in a highly organized protocol rich environment. We have full-time production specialists, microbiologists, mechanical and certified pest control personnel on staff. Fully documented with complete process controls, SOP’s, SSOP’s, multiple HACCP programs, FDA, USDA, Organic, Kosher and Halal certifications. We provide complete microbiological testing including advanced bio-luminescence.

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liquid packets – dry packets – plastic bottles – glass bottles – p.e.t. bottles – pouches – bag in a box – tubes – bulk – canister – blend – hot fill – cold fill – form & fill – pasteurization – beverage – food – cosmetics – bakery mixes – spice packets – shrink wrap – shippers – trays – displays – food service – meal kits – personal care – contract labeling – nutraceutical kits – kosherorganicAIBUSDAHalal microbiological testing – bioluminescence testing – metal detection – check-weighing – repacks – capping – modified atmosphere packaging – shrink banding – sauces – marinades – dressings – assortment pack – end of aisle display – pallet display – shrink labeling – turn key – partial turn key – toll fee – flash freezing – MAP – HBA – health & beauty – meal kit components – club store pallet displays – point of purchase – pop displays – club store national roll-outs
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From inception to the finished product, American Copak held our hand through the myriad of details that are essential in product development and production. They take their responsibilities seriously and are experienced in focusing on the little details that can make or break a successful product launch. Skilled technicians and technical staff, not the least of who is the President of the company figured out how to make our difficult formula and product come to fruition after several other packaging companies told us it couldn’t be done. Due to confidentiality constraints, we cannot divulge our company information as I well wish I could. This, in fact, was one of our great concerns – we need to have our production off site to be confidential. American Copak goes to great lengths to protect this.Read more…