I just wanted to send our our sincerest thanks from all of us at XX XXXXXXX! You have no idea how relieved we all feel. Like a huge weight has been lifted. We are thrilled with how the packets turned out. They look better, the packets feel better, and the product tastes better. You all did a wonderful job and now we can focus on selling this gel instead of trying to get someone to make it correctly for us.

I also wanted to thank you for the attention you gave XXXX and I yesterday. I understand that some of our requests were a bit unconventional and I hope you understand why we were a bit nit picky. Nancy, it was great to finally meet you and if you all could pass along our thanks to Larry as well. He was a huge help with giving us feedback on how the run went on your end and had some good suggestions for us moving forward.

You were all nothing but professional and showed the competence of your company and your service. And for that, we thank you! We’re looking forward to a very long relationship with you all!

From inception to the finished product, American Copak held our hand through the myriad of details that are essential in product development and production. They take their responsibilities seriously and are experienced in focusing on the little details that can make or break a successful product launch. Skilled technicians and technical staff, not the least of who is the President of the company figured out how to make our difficult formula and product come to fruition after several other packaging companies told us it couldn’t be done. Due to confidentiality constraints, we cannot divulge our company information as I well wish I could. This, in fact, was one of our great concerns – we need to have our production off site to be confidential. American Copak goes to great lengths to protect this.


American Copak Corporation helped take my product to the next level! Their high quality service and production stands out from the rest. Our previous Co-Packer was unable to deliver our product within our Quality Control requirements after several frustrating attempts. We were faced with losing our contract with a very large food chain as we were unable to meet out launch date commitment. We worked extremely hard to get placement and ALMOST LOST OUR DISTRIBUTION! We were referred to American Copak Corporation who was able to take on the project and somehow finished the initial production run just before our deadline. It was a tight squeeze and I can’t thank them enough. They customized numerous lines for us to increase our product availability at launch as well. They were a life saver!…literally.


We were lost in a sea of Co-packers that were huge corporate entities that had forgotten the adage that you treat customers the way you want to be treated. Occasionally, one of our distributors has the need for stepped up production on one or several of our SKU’s. Our anticipated production is just that – Anticipated but on occasion, we hit the mark short. Our ex-copacker was inflexible in working us in – even though we obviously had an “emergency” and had our marketing partners pressing us very hard. Additionally, they were extremely rude to many of our staff. I can’t imagine how these businesses survive. We had been loyal to them for almost a decade.

American Copak pulled a rabbit out of a hat for us and produced product that far exceeded the quality of our previous packager. We met our production needs and were introduced to a new packaging option that will be implemented in the near future. We expect a new revenue stream from this line extension. We extend our deep gratitude and have found a partner that treats us as though we are more than just another account.